Parental Consent

You are about to begin the online application for a student to be considered for a career academy in Polk County. Each application is for only one student. If you want to apply for more than one student, an application for each additional student must be completed.

Only one application will be accepted for each student.

Important Information...

  • You may only apply for one middle school pre-academy or one high school academy.
  • Acceptances are based on the following criteria in the following order:
    • Returning students receive first priority for placement. Once all returning students are placed the remaining slots are filled with new applicants.
    • Remaining open slots are filled with new applicants in the following order:
      • In-zone students that have applied through their school course registration process
      • Out-of-zone students that have applied through
    • Final selections are made on a lottery, based on applications received during this open enrollment period
  • Students may be required to meet a set of minimum requirements for the academic year in order to maintain enrollment in the academy.
  • Transportation will not be provided unless the student attends an academy that is hosted by his or her regularly zoned school.
  • Out-of-zone students who leave a career academy must return to their zoned school.
  • Out-of-zone seniors who leave an academy will not be able to remain at the out-of-zone school through the use of a “senior transfer”.